Friday, July 27, 2007

camp runamok


arthur, the picture taker, got sick so these get seriously cut short. click through.


pd said...

I'm suddenly starving!! I love this picture and all the others. Why can't we go back now?
Is Arthur all cured?

Corny said...

I like the action shot of you guys playing badminton. Looks like fun and some good eats.

dubz said...

what happened to arthur? the food looks incredible. argh... i can't believe i missed it.

fb said...

arthur got sick with a cold and had to take to the bed. he was feverish. special treat for arthur! of course i got sick about 2 or 3 days later but it was short-lived... thankfully!

krixfort said...

awww man!
I totally miss you guys. Looks like a lot of funz were had.

lupis said...

Y - U - M. I wish i could have been there to eat and spaz.

arthooor said...

I know it's summah and all, but time for a new post, foolio!

R.S. said...

yeah fb,
i desperately need some entertainin' today.
Here's my haiku:

August in N.Y.
Sweaty and Melancholy
Coffee as Life-Vest