Monday, December 04, 2006

some easy steps towards envisioning your inner heart light

goal: stop running around the house saying "i hate everyone" 10 times an hour. it's super fun but i wonder if i'll pay later? i sense a karma problem.

goal: increase spontaneous dancing, jazzing, practice man-gymnast rings moves on kitchen counter, peek a book mime dancing while arthur is in the bathroom, etc. riding the white horse is allowed.

goal: leave the house

goal: increase non-sequitors and "that doesn't make any sense" remarks from arthur.


dingle said...

accept me for who i truly am fucktards.

peeds said...

FB, you make-a me laugh. I think Karma will allow you to say you hate everyone at least 8 times an hour without serious consequences. I am leaning towards skirt #3--is that okay?

dubz said...

i think you're funnier when you hate stuff. just sayin. you may have to trade bad karma for the admiration of your sinister friends.

arthur said...

I'll have you know its

"That doesn't even make sense."

arthur: corporate shill said...

shamless plug to be posted across the artblogosphere...

Tonight on ABC (8pm EST) during 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town', check out the 'premiere' of the latest project I've been working on.

In the second commercial break there will be a :60 animation for Pampers, followed by a :60 pampers commercial. This animation is our latest 'branded entertainment' project to hit air.

The idea was to make a stop-motion animation spot that only airs in Holiday classics. Our animation then acts as a bridge from programming to commercial campaign. The last shot of our animation mimics the first shot of their spot, and our ending music also references Silent Night, the song used in their campaign.

Anyhoo, it turned out really cute. And it was damn fun to work on.

If you miss it, it airs a few times throughout the month on abc/cbs/nbc in various Holiday specials. And the spot will be hosted on as well, but it's not yet posted on their main page.

shilly shillster said...

oh, and this is an awesome review of tonights classic Rankin/Bass production:

This TV movie was an annual Christmas tradition during the 70's. At some point during the early 80's, the networks stopped showing it. Now, watching it in retrospect, it is easy to see why. A kind of post-Woodstock attitude pervades the whole thing (it was made in 1970, go figure). The young Santa becomes the hero by breaking the Burgermeister Meisterburger's law against toys and giving them out for free. The young Mrs.Claus has women's libber written all over her. At one point she starts singing and the TV screen erupts into psychedelic flower-power designs and dancing polka dots, I kid you not. Santa and Mrs. Claus, you see, are the perfect microcosm of rebellious youth versus the establishment in this film. To make things worse, there are pagan ceremonies including Santa and Mrs. Claus holding a marriage ceremony in the forest, and the Winter Warlock and his magic corn that helps reindeer fly. As the 80's began this holiday classic just didn't fit with the new Reagan era, although the kids probably wouldn't have known the difference. If you saw this in the 70's and have forgotten all about it, go rent it now (or next Christmas) and see how much of it you remember. Be sure and show it to the kids, too! Great stuff like this should never go out of style. Dated as it is, it is still better than 90% of the Christmas specials that are making their runs on the networks these days.

Burgermeister Meisterburger said...

Go wash your socks.