Friday, June 23, 2006

Raw Yang

I received the for real cd in the mail the other day. The cover features one of our buffalo friends. Congrats to the Fake Fictions!! I am ipodding the disc for today's relic time and I really hope they come out and play NYC so we can commune. Here's a link - see the buffalo, listen to some mp3s:


sloth said...

ohhhhh, that is BEAUTIFUL, fb! you are a genius. LOVE.

krixfort said...

one word FB. Righteous!

pd said...

YES! What a beauty.

burrito brother said...

hey, these guys kinda rock! jangly guitars and hand-claps, right on. Kind or Pylon meets Sleater-Kinney.
Congrats fb.
But don't settle for 5 x 6'.
at least 6 x 7'.
don't make me bite you!

fairy butler said...

i will think on this bb. that is fucking big.

if the Fake fictions come play we will all have to go see them.

i reallyl need to get the hell out of the house. why am i still here? ugh.

fairy butler said...

thanks guys, by the way. you're too easy.

This Broad said...

the cover looks great fb. I love your stuff in the ruby mag too they are beautiful, that is a cool project.

ps I bet you did way better in that interview than you think. I will send you good vibes.

pps I bet there are lots of internetty positions over at the village voice since everyone quit or got canned, I will ask mr. thisbroad. you should tell me exactly what it is you do.

hammy said...

The cover looks great FB! You have the spirit of the buffalo in you.

toodles said...

FB's skill set (limited to Beige, shack skill set much more complicated):

Elite Code Toad
Skittles muncher
Blog pwner
Runts cruncher
ipod cranker
Did I mention elite code toading?

mountain man said...

I love that cover FB! You are pervasive across the lands. Very nice.

AlsoArthur said...

I love the tatonka. And I love rocking horns of steel over my powerful buffo-hunch.

Now for your random pleasure, I recieved this movie synopsis from a freelancer today. Loved it. It made me want to make a flash movie of the story...

Young marrieds go on island vaca to rekindle spark after rough patch due to hub's infidelity. Hub disappears and she plays detective, running into wall after wall….feels like something is happening on the island and everyone's in on it even cops. Hires a detective who gives her a clue and is then killed. Clue leads her to wrong side of island and a culty bunch led by the top cop's brother.
She witnesses a culty ceremony and see her hub who's clearly doped to the gills. Top cop locks her up for her own safety but she's kidnapped by the cult,
Has a showdown with the evil brother who reveals that years ago her hub
Visited island, seduced a young woman the evil brother was engaged to.
So he's taking his revenge by brainwashing him and the guys he was with and
Taking their assets. She's thrown in room with hub who's out of it but she snaps him out it, they try to escape but are stopped, the top cop arrives
Has show down with his evil brother, evil brother's daughter who had been part of the plot does a turnaround and shoots her father/evil brother. The end.

Anonymous said...

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