Tuesday, November 22, 2005

hideous beige offense

this is what was sent around the beige ether today. yes we are let out early tomorrow. good. but this visual monstronsity that accompanied the email almost counteracts its good intentions. see below:

daiel is the one to alert me to this heinous offense. we discuss:

Daiel: It’s completely inexcusable. It’s the most atrocious, disgusting thing ever to happen in America
FB: It encapsulates everything that is wrong with this country and this company.
Daiel: It presents a compelling argument for legalizing torture.

(technical difficulties in getting the animation from the email .... then)

Daiel: I think the only acceptable use for dancing letters is to notify patients that they have a terminal illness. I think I would really enjoy being notified that I have inoperable pancreatic cancer and six weeks to live if the letters behaved in a festive manner.
Daiel: Grrrrrr… I’m going to set the office on fire.


fairy butler said...

daiel is funny. thank god he is here. beige is grim.

AlsoArthur said...

From that last line, I think Daiel is just pissed cuz they stole his beloved red stapler.

krixfort said...

I would like to have my employment terminated via dancing letters.

Hi *dance dance* You're FIRED!

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