Tuesday, November 22, 2005

a break from the pod

i keep forgetting my ipod at the relic shack - so i have resorted to bringing in actual cds to beige. i have been digging back to the past (very randomly before i leave the house) and it is SO MUCH FUN. Records i used to love that i haven't heard in ages sound so great and new and fresh.

This morning i have had the pleasure to relisten to Home's "XI - elf=gulfborewaltz" I went to see them on this tour, right when i moved to NYC in 95/96, at the knitting factory. i dragged arthur. there were like 15 people there and i thought is was so weird that it was so empty. they played a great show. for some reason this most excellent band just hasn't caught on - i don't get it. they are a little proggish, complicated maybe, but very indie and catchy at moments. and they don't quit. here is a review of their latest effort on pitchfork. (they talk about the record i am listening to there better than i ever could and review the newest effort which i will need to go out and purchase now)

Relistened to yesterday:
Helium - the dirt of luck (awesome - also from 95)
The Spinanes - ARches and Aisles (doesn't hold up so well maybe)

classics - The fall and some nuggets boxed set discs.

the ipod made me forget about all the great stuff. i will need to completely overhaul it.


krixfort said...

I was fried when I lost all my pod songs but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was able to be more selective when re-loading the thing. It was definitely an overhaul.

Anonymous said...

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