Friday, October 28, 2005

northeast kingdom + heat

Part I

a & i dined at the new bushwick eaterie round the bend from my relic shack last night. it was cute, cheap, and pretty good! now when folks visit the relics there is an establishment nearby for sustenance, in the eves only though. the whole time we were there i had to stare everyone down. who are you? do you live here too? wait, who are you? i did not say this out loud though. i kept quiet. sent mental notes only.

however, while sipping the wine, a & I noticed the 2 X appearance of a woman wandering the streets. mb a lady of the night? it was curious. the windows there are good for the whore watch.

Part II

A and I are playing chicken with the heat. we have not turned it on. now the house is 54 degrees. it keeps falling. approaching refrig. temp. outside is warmer i bet. relic shack also freezing. need hobo gloves.


sloth said...

Amazing & great - that was the vacant storefront that got vandalized & spray-painted "The Witch Is Gone" on the awning when we were there.

sloth said...

FB, did you see this show? I am tired of manga in art. I am also tired of deer in art. But this piece is cool:

krixfort said...

crazy cold fb. I cannot get so cold. It makes me very cranky. More cranky than usual.

ps sorry about the corpse meat. It won't happen again.

fairy butler said...

ok, just ate some soup. hopefully the gullet will finally settle so that I can leave the house on my day off. fucking hell. i am wearing 4 shirts to stay warm.

sloth, those sculptures are interesting/odd. i will have to see them in person. also wanting to see marc swanson and show at ph - chris kannen.

message has been dispatched to the wizard. vague. firm. not crazy. please hope i get my money and it gets more normal.

sloth said...

fb, may golden coins rain down upon your adorable noggin.

todd said...

Looks cute, and they serve jack-a-lope which is a +. On an urelated note we bid on an apt. and it was accepted. Wow. Kinda weird to be in the process of buying something that we only spent 10 minutes looking at. So, after a credit check, board aproval, loan procurement, and tissue sample we may very well no longer be the last of the renters! Sorry home w the munchkin today and spamming the internets.

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