Friday, August 12, 2005

oh bug man

your hair was freshly died dark brown, you were not shaking today. The cut is part shag. I believe you play bass in "Tight Jeans" at the Rockaways Holiday Inn. I am glad you have hobbies. this is good. but when you are speaking to me it is good if you look not at my chest but my face. or avert your gaze and look behind me, at the floor, just not the bathing suit places please. sigh. yes, there used to be prostitutes in my neighborhood, swarming the streets at night. funny how you knew this, but my man, I think it was 10 years ago. it is ok now. bug man is ok though. I just did not offer a glass of water.

Today my animal spirit is this:

soon i am going to stretch is out with ganesh.


sloth said...

Instead of a glass of water, FB: an empty glass is placed upside-down over the bug, then an index card is slid under the glass, and the bug man is transported to a more appropriate habitat. Fly, be free!

Puke said...

Bug man scummers, allright. Chest is only for gazing at within the confines of mutual acceptance. Bug man, cease and desist your visual pawing of my precious Fairy.

fairy butler said...

why are there still bugs? well only one but why? why?

Anonymous said...

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