Monday, March 14, 2005

pile explosion

The piles are winning again! They have developed a new and more potent menace. Their last weapon was electronics...but they have recently deployed subtler tactics - - namely rubble. Rubble is not as easy to remove - especially when it it likely to harbor asbestos dusts and spores. There are two new rubble piles; not sand, not dirt, not dust, but rubble. Crumbled drywall, asbestos, shreds. These insidious new piles creep out into the walkways. They spread and gather strength.

There was a mattress party on a tree. 2 mattresses and a black futon all crowding around a tree.
The sun is so po'd!

New piles of the old order:

exploded refrigerator
tv which I assume does not work
chest of drawers, splintered and exploded.

messes / turds, smearers

I saw a small drug bag with tiny brown deer on it. It was cute but i knew better than to pick it up. It might have residue. poision.

note: the rubble is near rat army hq. Is there a connection?


krixfort said...

I think there is a surge in piles during the seasonal tansition, FB. That is my hypothesis. It may be a simple explanation but it's all I've got at this point.

fairy butler said...


Let's pray you are right, but this rubble menace really has me worried. And I'm starting to notice piles EVERYWHERE I go, and not just turds or papers.


Pile Devil said...

I was created by the underlord to torment you. You cannot fight this type of darkness.

fairy butler said...

why are you imprisoning those tiny peruvian flute playing families in your mounds and crevices pile devil? Why???

Pile Devil said...

I am an angry devil with oceans of spite to dole out. Especially to the undeserving ones. I am pure bad.

fairy butler said...

But you can't stop their music!


Pile Driver said...

Do not mock my profession. I keep my family of 12 fed by driving around piles and discreeetly dumping them so other people don't have to bother with taking out the trash.They pay me to do what needs to be done.

If you keep up this harrasment of my livelyhood, measures will be taken. Piles will be left at YOUR doorstep. If you thought parkpiles were bad, you have no idea what spring has in store for you if you ever suffer my rathful pile.

krixfort said...

pile devil, you are one mean guy. we're you involved in organized crime at one point in your career?

PILE DEVIL said...

I am in the Pile Mafia. PILES ARE TO BE RAINED DOWN UPON THE INNOCENT LAMBS. Fairy Butler, you have seen nothing yet.

PILE DEVIL said...

I mean you ain't seen nothing yet.

fairy butler said...

pile driver,

my butler thinks you're a phony. I bet you cart around a shopping cart full of cans and scrap metal. We're not afraid of you and your threats you big fake.

Anonymous said...

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