Thursday, March 17, 2005

life is tough

My butler is totally neglecting his duties. He's been hiding out in the garage for 2 whole days now! He met a buxom lady. Can you believe it? They're shacking up down there while I toil and trouble away, making my own cafe, sweeping, polishing. I need him back.

Today I must travel with art trinkets in the broken down car to the wizard's lair. I must conserve my strength for this great task. My faculties need sharpening. I might be asked a question.

This is a picture of the butler steatler.

ps. thanks friends for your concerns. I am A-OK. I will return soon, better than ever. time. very bad.


krixfort said...

Thank the maker Fairy B. It's good to hear your enchanted voice.

The butler stealer is hot but that is no excuse for shirking one's duties. Perhaps a gentle reprimand would be appropriate.

fairy butler said...

I have returned from the wizard's lair. It was peculiar. It think I caught a paranoia hex while I was in his presence. Must shake it off.

I think I hear my butler - - maybe he is coming to apologize to me?

mountain man said...

I am glad you are back. Krixfort is right about the butler stealer. She is no match for you. You are wise and artistic. HEX BE GONE!

mountain man said...

HEY FAIRY BUTLER!!!! I was in Chelsea today. I saw the most enchanted Owl-oriented painting. I coveted it so badly. I had a magical feeling while standing near it. I think it was your painting. It looked amazing. I felt cleansed after seeing it. Well done.

krixfort said...

fb, far be it from me to be rude but I think you need to get the little guy's butt in gear.

Anonymous said...

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