Friday, May 11, 2007


for the second night in a row the yellers have been at it. after 10pm it's usually dead quiet on my street, minus dogs barking here and there or the rooster. wednesday night as i drifted off to sleep i got to hear a loud man/woman dispute. crazy yelling - couldn't really follow it. it had a touch of the crazies to it and i figured it might be an out of line hooker/pimp thing (i am not kidding) and that it was just an oddball occurence. well last night i got home from the shack around 11:30 or so and parked down the street. the yeller woman was already at it. just walking down the street talking to herself loudly - right near my door. my thinking is: cracked out person/possible prostitute. once i get safely inside the man chimes in. they are up and down my block skulking and yelling. i swear i hear about a 30$ pipe. bingo on the crack assumption (or meth). i can really hear them up in our bedroom where the windows are open - less so in the living room. it goes on and on - serious drama. i try to spy outside without being seen. i consider calling the cops. i call arthur and warn him to be careful coming home because there is unpredictable business. now our neighbor (dog rapes/pool/pep boys) normally gets really really mad about noise and yells at people (which we love). so - i am waiting for him to intervene. we see he is up and standing on his deck. which is unusual for him late at night. has he called the cops? arthur determines that the yellers are just having a loud argument and to let it be. it finally stopped around 12:30. question: if it happens again tonight(friday night), for a third time, should i call? where do i draw the line?

it sounds like they have prior probs with the law. there was a lot of "tell it to the judge" stuff flying around. i don't want to get people in trouble but they really kind of freak me out. i imagine knife wounds, flying bullets. or maybe it's just too much CSI and my paranoia. why can't people just behave? it would be nice to be able to walk from my car to my house without having to dodge crazy yelling people yelling about judges and pipes, you know?

also: related. there is a group of moms/kids that gather on lawn chairs on the sidewalk on my street, not my block, but on my way to the subway. I have to walk through them on my way home. I don't like this even though everyone is friendly enough...i have been crossing the street to not walk through it. is it wrong? am i damaged?


fairy butler said...

i don't have a problem with them gathering. i just don't enjoy walking through the lineup. feels awkward. whatever. i should just walk on thru like i always have. i am just touchy now. trying to avoid weird comments even though i am sure there would be none.

arthoor said...

no one wants to talk about the yellers. Old yellers make people sad, I suppose.

mountain man said...

FB just so you know I constantly walk out of my way and cross the street to avoid groups of any kind. I can't handle being "seen". I feel if you are damaged then I am cored out.

Sorry about the yellers.

martin said...

i hate pit bulls. if anyone is walking towards me with a pit bull i cross the street, and of course they always know why, but who cares.. that is my point.

but a few weeks ago a kid was walking on the same sidewalk as me, with a pit bull, and it wasn't even on a leash.. and when i crossed the street to the side that doesn't even have a sidewalk (it was just an embankment over a steep hill to the river), he crossed too!

and then he said hey what's up or something.. and i said i don't like pit bulls.. he says oh this one's fine... yes, i say, that's what they all say until they rip your face off.

he was being aggressively friendly. he knew why i crossed.

i was so pissed at that kid but couldn't do anything or say much because i am afraid of pitbulls and afraid to send any signals AT ALL except go away to the kid.

i am still mad at that kid.

plus - i always get completely self conscious like that approaching a stationary group (of young people)... it's no big deal.

Martin said...
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Martin said...

i also hate hippos. hippos are not cute. hippos are monsters.

mountain man said...

What about if they are on a sticker? If you saw a purple hippo sticker would you hate that? It's ok to say yes.

fb said...

so the yellers have not acted up since i posted this. maybe they read it and are embarrassed by their behaviour? or they take a break on the weekends.

martin, thanks for sharing about the pitbulls. i am wondering about your feeling for the choke chain on the pitbulls. does this make them more or less scary. I can never decide. it's like are they that out of control that they need a crazy stabbing neck piece or is it a good thing that the owner is taking responsibility or something? hard to tell.

martin said...

any burdensome thing that slows them down or otherwise impedes their mobilty is good.

mm - if the purple sticker included a phrase like "death to all hippoes" it would be fine.

Mad-pimpin' Skeetch said...

Sorry for all of the yelling the other night FB, my Ho' fricking' lost my pipe and I couldn't get my meth on. We will move it on down the street next time.

Your BFF,