Friday, January 05, 2007

action words

navy blue suit
i see you
confident like an eagle cock
tell me about yourself

action words
skill set

where do you see yourself in five years
on the moon
down below in the grey matter
homeless and strung out
shitting my pants


fairy butler said...

is this reality? is it?

i cannot think of a chumpier activity than resume writing, besides interviewing, or writing an artist's statement.

fairy butler said...

singing in 7th grade swing choir was less embarrassing.

but i must stop myself here because 2007 is the year of POSITIVITY.

peeds said...

POSITIVITY yes! I am so there with you. I am lisping the word now. I think it's your year FB. Don't ask me how I know this.

sloths said...

FB, resumes and statements are THE BIGGEST pain in the arse necessary evil, right up there with dental surgery... especially for us midwesterners, who are trained from infancy to self-deprecate.

p.s., I don't recommend shitting your pants while on the moon... I think it all gets re-circulated in the space-suit.

dubz said...

...then re-enters the earth's atmosphere as space junk. how do astronauts shit, anyway? has anyone ever asked?

MM said...

There must be a tube in their suit that releases out the gas and gunks into space. I wonder if there is an astronaut poo ring around earth.

I feel positivity about my gut staying large. Am I on track for 2007?

toodles said...

Hey babe, didn't you marry a writer? Have Arthur work his majix!