Thursday, December 21, 2006

going to iowa

think it. feel it. be it.
holiday cheer.


fairy butler said...

i am hoping to do some in-depth iowa coverage while i am away. stay tuned & stuff.

fairy butler said...

ooh, going to iowa in 12 hours. countdown to sweatpants. i start the hating while i'm in the airport. i can't help it.

Corny said...

nothing says "joyful time of year" like a brocade sweater and sweatpants.

krixfort said...

that is a beautiful sweater you're wearing FB. Merry Holidays to you and your kristmas kat.

daiel said...

I'm wearing sweatpants right now.

(diabolical laughter)

fairy butler said...

reporting from des moines. yesterday we got to chicago. then flights cancelled. #50 3 on standby list for 2 later flights. arthur and I rented a one way car and drove from chicago with 3 other people and the best dog in the world through a cloud the whole way. froggy fogs. got home at 1:30AM. the other people were nice and helped pay. all good. now I am off for 2 hour drive to nursing home. don't be jealous.