Sunday, October 23, 2005

art is in a terrible state

good god. chelsea forest scored a 4 yesterday. maddeningly bad. so much uninteresting, derivative painting, spiritless, and yucky. i am so so irritated by the art. did not see every single show - there are probably some good ones out there, but yesterday was dreary over all. too many landscape - psychedelic paintings and drawings. hurts me.

robert melee plastic beast figures/lumps at andrew kreps. ? roomed smelled awful. it fit my mood.
tuymans - in the context of the day this was pretty good.
some of the paintings by emilie clark at M. steinberg - not all of them. 2 good ones.

julia oshatz - derivative but one video was strking. i dunno. can't help but like this kind of show even though.....
jay davis


fairy butler said...

i kept feeling like i was seeing the same things again and again and again and again.

Mountain Man said...

ruh roh. landscape. psychedelic. me in troubs.

i liked the luc tuymans. emilie clark not so bad. could be worse. the watercolors i preferred. sounds like a yuck time.

i am over-preparing for the poops once again. i was told today to lower my client expectations. to sort of baby them. huh.

hope you have nice sunday, fb.

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