Friday, September 23, 2005


today my pelt was trimmed into a styley style. it is fine i guess. what surprised me and my butler was the fables passed on by the peltist. like not going to college and having to send money home to pay for sibling's college. having major dental problems and having to eat ramen to save money to pay for the procedure. asking back, so what are you doing this weekend, any plans. oh i am working. ugh.

my butler whispered into my ear that I was one lucky bastard and that i better realize it.


Anonymous said...

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krixfort said...

FB. . .i love and hate those encounters that cause me to count my blessings. . .you are right though. Not to sound like my grandma but we could all have it a lot worse I guess.

hoep you had a nice weekend showing off your new pelty style!