Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Haves and the Have-nots

no shit. see it is really happening.

From Sunday's NYTimes:

That finding, in an analysis conducted for The New York Times, dovetails with other new regional economic research, which identifies the Bronx as the poorest urban county in the country and suggests that the middle class in New York State is being depleted.

The top fifth of earners in Manhattan now make 52 times what the lowest fifth make - $365,826 compared with $7,047 - which is roughly comparable to the income disparity in Namibia, according to the Times analysis of 2000 census data. Put another way, for every dollar made by households in the top fifth of Manhattan earners, households in the bottom fifth made about 2 cents.

That represents a substantial widening of the income gap from previous years. In 1980, the top fifth of earners made 21 times what the bottom fifth made in Manhattan, which ranked 17th among the nation's counties in income disparity

full article:


fairy butler said...

i don't know whether to suck it up, quit being an artist, and try and climb the corporate ladder or move away. christ.

Anonymous said...

I know. That headline in the Times made me wnat to weep, or rave like a lunatic. And the same shit has been exposed in New Orleans, which looked like a third world country. Fire Bush.

krixfort said...

holy shiznit.

I am glad the NY Times published that. I must ruminate a little on this. Thanks for posting the link.

fairy butler said...

here is another times article. I am glad that this is finally being addressed.

fairy butler said...

I have been on a rampage lately - ever since moving into Bushwick a year and a half ago - about income disparity, opportunities, etc. It's a very complex issue.

our country is capitalist. in this system not everyone wins. not at all. not everyone can get the good jobs. is it up to personal effort, talent, etc. every citizen is born equal? the american dream. keep dreaming.

Have not PD said...

UGH! At least I am not alone?? That is all I can say about the depressing state of things.

Anonymous said...

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