Thursday, July 21, 2005


The tickets have been purchased. See you there?

Olivia Tremor Control

The Hold Steady


fairy butler said...

i am not supposed to be blogging. much works today and have korean lunch party too. mind is afloat and drifting to the fun. must keep it together.

fairy butler said...

space bag

postmoderndebunker said...

Korean lunch party--that sounds yummy.
Are you going to these shows?

fairy butler said...

yup, wanna come?

I am starved for food right now. waiting for 1pm. didn't eat much yesterday by mistake and then drank the drinks. badness.

krix forty said...

I am investigating these musics FB. You always have the good suggestions. Must listen to the new.

postmoderndebunker said...

FB: never starve and drink--too hard to recover from. Will you have a little Bim Bop and what-not?
I wanna go to at least one of these shows.

What up Krix?

fairy butler said...

so hungry. loudly chewing gum, annoying myself and others i am sure. need meat.

sloth said...

Yes, meat! FB, we are on the same page, as is often the case.

Slothy will be out of town the first week of August... but will check out the music for surely.

AlsoArthur said...

'The Swish' rules. Sounds like ac/dc riffs with a non-singer singer telling weird stories.

'this chick looks just like patty smythe. she seems skanky but nice'

AlsoArthur said...

Neato. Lots of live mp3's.

pd said...

I am so bummed I do not have sound at the beige. I will look up later.