Sunday, March 13, 2005

performance for the armory

Here are some stills that I shot.


peg said...

Which Pier? I missed it! I am sorely dissapointed!

Manbaby said...

I wanted to join in. I watched you from afar with seething envy between my teeth. You looked happy playing on the rug in front of everyone. Next time, if you announce it in advance I will definitely participate. You will be happy to have me there, I promise. I will bring vaseline to keep things moist and we can roll all over each other in our diapers. You are a wonderful creature.

Anonymous said...

1. baby craps in diaper
2. baby changes own diaper sets aside doodoo
3. uses rattle to scoop the poop, swirling it around on a primed fredricks canvas
4. set out to dry. sold.
5. baby gets a treat.
6. repeat

Anonymous said...

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