Monday, March 07, 2005

J Mascis

My butler and I went to a rock and roll event last night with some other folks. I have some thoughts on this:

J. Mascis, you need to go away. I thought you might be ok but no. When you left the stage there was silence - literal silence, maybe even a collective sigh of relief. Your wall of sound did not assault my senses. It bored me. For a half hour you noodled, there were no drums, no melodies, it was a jam. But not a good jam. An annoying jam that made me retreat to the bar. I couldn't speak to anyone because the electric flute was too loud. You might think that a rock band with an amped flute might be interesting. no. no. i threw ice and pouted. My fb said I needed to open my mind to the sweet nectar of guitar majesty, but I think he was just saying that to be contrary. J. Mascis, I don't get it. What happened? Why didn't you get up from your chair?

Luckily there was another act and it was better. Their encore was stunning. They had some problems at points - like the lyric "momma wants to dance" and a plodding drum... but also some brilliant shining moments. It was straight up.

I don't get you, J. Mascis. Why are you punishing us?


krixfort said...

electric flute. Jethro Tull.


fairy butler said...

Jethro Tull would be wayyyy more entertaining. he stands, wears an orange jumpsuit, has songs with melodies and elaborate hand gestures. You see the despair Mr. Mascis caused on all involved. we would have applauded JTull. It was that annoying.

Anonymous said...

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