Wednesday, March 09, 2005

an effort to be positive

My butler has been a little under the weather and it's effecting my magic. I am trying to write something positive. Today will be an a+ day even without much magic!!! I will not cower in my cube today but smile upon the sun and bow down to the flourescent lighting and beige checked carpet. All is well. In honor of a positive attitude here are some things I like today.

  • coffee. it's just great even if it doesn't come out of a coffee pot

  • kittens

  • owls

  • invisible owls that sit on my shoulder and coo and snuggle

  • Talib Kweli

  • sunshine

  • Cardinal, the band and the record (one and the same I guess)

  • my lunch I will soon go out to procure

  • emails from nice friends

See how positive and uplifting that was!! The world is A-OK.


mountain man said...

I admire your positivity!!! I was positive earlier today but things got tough and the negativity won. I want to learn from you FB. I want to better myself and stop thinking about death so much.

fairy butler said...

i slipped and used curse words at lunch. the positivity was broken, but I will hopefully soldier on. I am thinking of light grey owl with tender eyes.

mountain man said...

Smart idea. I swore bunches too. The evil sibling strikes again. I will try not to bite her. It never works. Instead I will pretend that she is good and still hold my ground. This is so hard! I will think about my donkey.