Thursday, March 03, 2005


Good afternoon! My fairy butler and I did a little space traveling yesterday in honor of a successful visit with the unknown wizard. Mountain Man gave me the idea and so I figured, "What the heck? Let's reach for the stars!"

We touched down in Arabia late last night after sailing the void, whistling an old-time miners tune (it keeps the aliens at bay). Somehow we had become disoriented and ended up in Arabia - 4th dimension under the desert! So we met these dudes there last night at a trendy club we just wandered into. Peaches & Herb were playing, it was a wee bit of a Star Wars moment. It was mostly an animal scene so my FB and I turned ourselves into little horned owls so we'd fit in. I was sporting a tiny grey fedora with just a men's suit tie and my FB was wearing a kimono. Luckily they served warm goat's milk and I treated myself to just a line of Spotted Oak Dust. It was rather splendid.

We met some cats. They gave us their headshots. It was truly a night to remember.

This is Chucky Chaos

and this is Billy Hypno

I think they are quite dashing gentlemen and probably really great actors. Maybe someone out there can give them a chance? Also, FYI, they are not willing to sell their pelts. I already asked.


Anonymous said...

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