Saturday, February 26, 2005

A vist to the headquarters

My fairy butler and I were kindly invited into the inner sanctum of the rat army. I made myself miniature upon approaching and my fb can speak their language so he called out to them. "We come in peace. We are on your side. Mary Boone must be shat upon!," he bellowed. A roguish brown rat with a metal breastplate returned, "Welcome Fairy Butler and his master. We have been waiting for months to make your acquaintance."

Inside RAHQ we were given the usual tour. I played my small harmonica but there were no thistles to climb up on. Depressing! There wasn't a drop of goat's milk - - just dirty rain water, but we shared a suet loaf with the roguish gent and made the best of it. The rat army has a special liking for insulation and clutter which neither my butler nor I could make any sense of. Their smelting room was impressive as was the nursery. It is an army of super-fuckers, I give you that! They are not very good with the magic - their obsession with garbage clouds their higher powers. Their art studios were very interesting though. More on that later.

We left after an hour or two and we were tuckered out. Luckily this mattress was there so I could get some rest. And it's just up the street from my house so I felt safe sleeping there.

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