Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Piles

On my way to the office this morning, post-cafe, I heard the plaintive cries of the breezes. They were harsh, they were irritated. It had to do with the piles. In an effort to create greater awareness I am conducting an experiment. I will document the piles. Mother Nature is not happy. Her good earth, her trees, her grasses are soiled upon. She is not respected. That is why the wind blows so harsh.

The piles form under cover of the night. They take many forms. They line themselves up along the park, by the old and wise trees mocking the city's attempt at creating order in this sorry part of Brooklyn. This morning I was witness to these sorts of piles:

  1. part of a home exercise machine or fan (black metal)

  2. cardboard box, empty, once containing chicken parts (it said so on the outside)

  3. mangled chest of drawers partly held together by packing tape.

  4. ironing board

  5. random wood chunks, large

  6. empty box for cheap cd player

  7. turds

I was also witness to a car that is for sale parked on the street, with soap writing on the windows, now missing a tire and rim. All other tires were deflated but not yet taken. The police were there. I wonder if this is the work of the piles. There are so many.

Thank you.


Art Star said...

I want to apologize for offending you. I think we have more in common than it seemed at first. Truce?

fairy butler said...

well we can give it a shot. I am not as eager and randy as you. Nor, sadly, as beautiful sounding.

Pile Hater said...

As a fellow hater of all urban piles, I must stress my (hopefully) unfounded distress that one day I will kick a random pile and it will start leaking babies. Or that I will overturn some abondoned rolling luggage to discover that a band of very small people from the mountains of Peru will have taken up residence in the shallow yet comfortable depression hidden by said luggage.

Some piles don't seem outwardly fraught with danger; the ironing boards, the broken fans, the random contruction boards. But don't let them fool you. Imagine cartoon follies with rakes and you shall get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Today I walked by these piles"

1. mattress pile
2. vodka bottle on top of ground up brown paper on top of grey snow
3. pile of unknown substance with bits of celery.
4. many poo piles
5. pile of empty boxes disintegrating.

So depressing. I want to cry. The only times I hear a bird or the wind is on sunday morning and then it turns out to be my neighbors. Gross.

fairy butler said...

Pile Hater,

Well put. well put. I think I forgot to include a large tweed blue suitcase on today's pile list. I will be careful not to step on these types of piles in the future. I wouldn't want to crush a little person, baby or peruvian folk.

I bet the bikerfox could jump some of the piles. I could contruct an obstacle course to try and lure him in. Maybe he could give me a ride to work on his super slick bike and we could jump the piles? catch some air.

fairy butler said...

there is nothing worse than random bits of celery.

mountain man said...

The worst pile of all is the vomit pile. I dread that pile more than all others. it can ruin an entire day.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »